A Time To See

Like many others, I use public transport to get to work in Paris: train, tram, underground.

It is a daily routine. Repetitive. Sometimes monotonous. In theory it does not seem to be a place for poetry and dreams.

However, it is during these (unavoidable) journeys that you can expect the unexpected: people sharing a same travel route, settings on which you cast a new look, coincidences, friends being reunited, new ideas, play of metaphors ...

Through framing and choosing the right moment, images emerge from chance and question the reality of the encounter. Is this a confrontation of trajectories reflecting into one another, or is this an ephemeral encounter of worlds that are foreign to one another?
These encounters are always silent -for above all, eyes meet- whether sideways or directly, like railways or sinuous underground rails. 

These photographs - shot without any special effect and not altered in any way - show how these encounters take place or, on the contrary, do not take place, and show how the way I see my environment influences the way I comprehend the world.